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Where is menu button?

What menu button, like when pausing the game? Or what

he meant more button from old versions of 0.35 and 0.4

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when’s the next update coming out, Gusvenga, well the wump’s house canon star is not working like the one in rob bob battlethingy, also well there be a new course in the next update after v0.48?

I also forgot to mention will dis gam be on iOS?

So um, 

There is one or two new levels per update, so yea

And i will fix the Cannon soon, and, i can Relase it on iOS but i have to make an mobile control system

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That’s great, but I don’t want it to be broken like the android one.

Also when is the next update coming out, tomorrow?

The game gets updated, when i have free time to make an Update... And also, the reason for the android Version being broken is because i haven't Added an camera touch controlling system

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I heard that on the the game site.

edit: will luggy and wargo versions of the game be on the same game?

edit 2: will luggy and wargo be playable characters in the main gaem or no?

edit 3: it’s wargo, not wayro, so mayro and wargo’s names aren’t identical to each other.

Edit 4: will booh’s weird house be more finished in the next update?

me when wayro

epik gam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10/10

Thanksua for comentua lol

and also why i you're channel deleted?

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it got terminated sadly.

But i have another channel, it's called Gusvenga Official


nice update! im stupidfiremario64kid btw.